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“Jenny Darroch is like a good friend helping you think through the current financial crisis and heightened turbulence.  She offers several perspectives, frameworks and examples that will stimulate new ideas for turning the threats into opportunities, echoing the idea that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

- Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

 "I found your book fascinating - not because I learned a lot about marketing of which I had no idea, but because I marvel at the amount of research you put into it. The bibliography alone is overwhelming. I hope it is going to be a roaring success and required reading in all Business Schools. Congratulations."

- Doris Drucker, physicist, inventor, entrepreneur and wife of the late Peter Drucker.

“All of us saw the mounting chaos and turbulence leading up to the collapse of the global financial system at the end of 2008. In seeing this evolving crisis, Professor Darroch correctly wondered how marketing managers could possibly make sense of this new world; a period where history can in no way be relied upon to make rational sense of the future. Fortunately for all of us, she has provided in this work a superb roadmap and a strategy for not only survival but how to prosper in these turbulent times. This is truly a book for our time.”

- Peter Sealey, Ph.D., Former Head of Global Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company, Former President of Marketing and Distribution, Columbia Pictures

“This book is a timely and forceful reminder of the message behind the Chinese character for crisis or critical turning point, which combines the characters for danger and hidden opportunity. Successful marketing managers must be ambidextrous to cope with the dangers created by the turbulence of the present, while preparing their organizations to capitalize on the growth opportunities that are created by the same turbulence. The reader will find rich guidance for doing both well, and staying relevant.”

- George S. Day, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor of Marketing, Co-Director, Mack Center for Technological Innovation, Director, Emerging Technologies Management Research Program, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“While every executive is currently preoccupied - and perhaps immobilized - with how to compete in tumultuous times, this is the very first practical managerial guidebook to help managers not only compete - but win. Importantly, this is not simply an interesting "thought piece" - but rather based on solid empirical evidence examining how firms accelerated out of recessionary times versus firms that simply survived.”

Bernie Jaworski, Monitor Executive Development, Monitor Group

“Turbulent times are great catalysts for inflicting change and pursuing better marketing. Marketing Through Turbulent Times provides an excellent framework for those executives who aspire to get ahead of the curve to beat complacent incumbents. Executives daring to be bold and different will emerge as future winners – despite turbulent times. I highly recommend this great and timely book!”

- Martin Roll, Business & Brand Strategist, Author of “Asian Brand Strategy”

“Prof. Darroch reminds us that turbulent times require even more attention and vigilance to the fundamentals of marketing, and that smart companies will not only survive but thrive if they double down on what Peter Drucker called the basics of business: marketing and innovation.  Just as she does in the classroom, Prof. Darroch conveys common sense, an ethical point of view, a love for her subject matter, and a useful toolkit of applicable skills designed to put her principles and practices to work.  For those willing and prepared to apply the discipline she calls for, Prof. Darroch's insights and prescriptions can help marketers not only navigate these choppy seas, but find safe haven and clear sailing when the storm inevitably passes.”

- Ira A. Jackson, Dean and Professor of Management, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University